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19 Apr 2016 04:41

I'm using windows 10, and every one of the zippyshare links to download the mod leads to a big red warning saying the site is known for phishing and it won't let me continue. please advise.

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19 Apr 2016 05:08

Well that's unfortunate as zippyshare is a trusted host.. I can't see why it would be flagged as a virus..
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19 Apr 2016 06:48

Try running with adblock
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20 Apr 2016 00:06

Typically if your getting a red screen that says "site is suspected for phishing" or "reported attack page" it has to do with your browser settings. you can search google or some other search engine by querying the big bold words. You should find a series of pages to disable those warnings on various browsers from IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc. they are usually just built into the browser and are basically just a big list of pages that will be blacklisted from your view. Even if they don't always contain the harmful attacks they are reported as having. Usually is an overprotective feature of most browsers if you have Anti-virus or Anti malware installed you probably don't need that extra browser security, As those programs have their own filtering features for your protection.

NOTE: if you click on the advertisement itself that maybe what is triggering the virus to be detected, most of the downloads from the ads contain who knows what.

look at the top of the screen to the right there will be a timer that says "Please Wait... 5 sec" , after this time has elapsed you must click in the top right corner that will change to a big yellow icon that says "Skip Ad" to get to the actual download screen. If you click in the middle where the ad is being displayed you will be downloading whatever the Advertisement is promoting and not ProMods.
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05 Jan 2017 08:54

WTF send me to zippy site to get F***ing viruses :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: . Every link 1-7 take me to then zippy then click download and brings up new tab to fake website that tries to give me viruses. Luckly Norton did it's job. So how am I meant to download the mod? What a hassle, you should be more like Nexus mod site 10x better.

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08 Jan 2017 15:55

This might be the worst answer ever, but I try to close out of the Pop-Up window afap (as fast as possible).
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13 Jan 2017 14:52

But there is still no download. I experienced the same thing. Pretending there is no problem isn't going to make the download work. That's why a certain President is going to *clean house* AND hopefully send these creeps to jail!

I hope the President gets serious with cyber safety as viruses and ads are more out of control then when I was growing up. You'd only get viruses back then if you went to some teenage punk site.

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13 Jan 2017 14:58

Well, I don't understand your issues. I'm using PM for 3 years (downloaded a lot of versions) and I never had any problems...
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15 Jan 2017 14:57

Pinkmud wrote:WTF send me to zippy site to get F***ing viruses :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: . Every link 1-7 take me to then zippy then click download and brings up new tab to fake website that tries to give me viruses. Luckly Norton did it's job. So how am I meant to download the mod? What a hassle, you should be more like Nexus mod site 10x better.
Have been downloading PMds since it first came out. I have yet to have any virus downloaded by clicking through the Ads in the download process. I pay the small fee to download the mod BUT also use the links in the free download.

PMds do not make any money from the mod, they keep the site running by donations. Nexus you speak of have a large payment plan for supporters and Premium users, a much bigger income ranging from one off payments to get rid of advertisements right through to monthly payments, even a lifetime membership costing £50. All that is great but that site is for a lot of different games, that alone brings in a lot more users and income. They can afford to pay fulltime staff......PMds is voluntary staff, totally different.

If you read the how to download and navigate through the Adfly stuff, you wont be clicking wrong links. Yes a new Tab comes up, that is how it works, just exit that tab and nothing bad will be downloaded.

Like Zniwek said, been using it for years and downloaded many versions, never had any issues.


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