Game Crash with Promods 2.15

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31 Dec 2016 08:12

I am having trouble loading the newest version of Promods. I have the latest version of ETS2 with all three DLCs enabled. At first I just replaced the old version with the new one in my current profile, but it crashed, so I tried creating a new profile with only Promods enabled. Still, it crashes. The game.log file is here:

Please help!

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31 Dec 2016 12:49

I see you run the 32-bit version of the game (I. You may run out of memory. Try to run the 64-bit version of the game instead.
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07 Jan 2017 02:16

me too, 1.26.3s (64bit) + 2.15 (Mac)
can see splash screen (loading screen) but crash even new profile without other mods

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07 Jan 2017 09:43

Can you please show us your game.log?
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