Promods DEF not showing up in game please help!

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The Camo Gator
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03 Jan 2017 02:13

As stated in the title the promods def file I keep downloading it and it doesn't want to show up. Only other mods I'm using are the Rusmap and the Jazzycat cargo mods along with the ai traffic mods and the promods trailer and company pack any help is aprecieated please! Thanks :)

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03 Jan 2017 02:18

The same problem for me. I use only Promods. Help!

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03 Jan 2017 02:28

Downloaded the 215 Def file on my main PC in Firefox and IE, have disabled my virus scanner and re done. I've downloaded on my phone and emailed it over and done the same off my laptop; the file is always 3k which seems strange as 211 was 676k.

Any help would be appreciated I have spent the better part of an hour and a half downloading copying checking with scanners and trying other browsers... always the same result.

Many thanks.

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03 Jan 2017 03:20

The same problem here !!! ET2 on Steam with France,Scandinavian and East installed ! No Mods activ, i only see 5 Promod files, but not the Def-File !

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03 Jan 2017 03:39

same thing here, tried to download in different browsers and it's the same thing !! no DEF file !!!

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03 Jan 2017 04:12

Well Hi ,
same problem as the guys above me . Def File is invisible in game mod manger , the other 5 map files are alle there.

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03 Jan 2017 05:19

I'm having the exact same issue. Just promod, rusmap and mapneige. the 2.15 def file appears in the mod folder but does not appear in the mod manager. It is less than 3kb in size. Tried it with different browsers etc. and nothing seems to work

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03 Jan 2017 05:35

Same Problem...
When I open the .scs with WinRAR it says me that the file is damaged.

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03 Jan 2017 05:54

can anyone tell me why, when i generate def file for 2.15 and i have followed the instructions how to do it but it wont show up in mod manager 2.12 does but not this version for some reason i think is something with generating this file dont know

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03 Jan 2017 06:39

Ill add my voice to this. Same problem here. I have regenerated it with multiple browsers, i'm sure its in the right place as this is not my first time using this mod. It's just not showing up in the Mod Manager.

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