Game crashing with mods, expecting dlc_fr files

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27 Feb 2017 08:36

Quickly had a peek at the game.crash.txt file and made no sense of that, it's all address based, then went and checked game.log.txt and the following popped up:

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00:00:45.593 : <ERROR> Unable to find material  dlc_fr_38
00:00:45.598 : <ERROR> Unable to find material  dlc_fr_74
00:00:45.618 : <ERROR> Unable to find 'Road - right vegetation' '53fld' for 0x6D1EA4276000001
00:00:45.618 : <ERROR> Unable to find material  dlc_fr_59
And obviously a ton more of those same errors, all dlc_fr_xx numbers, and many of the errors are repeated, probably due to a lot of mats being present under each directory.

I'm not trying to run the game on the france dlc, I want to stick to the Scandinavia and going east mods for now.

I basically added promods and southern region to the game. I loaded them based on the load order provided but I think some version is expected france dlc but it didn't set it as a dependency. Any suggestions?

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27 Feb 2017 08:43

Ok well that was easy, Southern Region was the issue... is there any way to get it to work with my dlc setup? My map also looks a little wrong, and southern region is not involved now

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27 Feb 2017 09:28

Can you post your log file, please? Then we can help to identify the problem.
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27 Feb 2017 14:42

But you need fr dlc to play SR map mod

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27 Feb 2017 21:48

Ah if FR is needed then that's ok, I'll wait on SR until I buy the dlc, which probably won't be too long from now. Thanks for the help :)

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