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03 Aug 2016 16:29

What is your scaling in-game in % ?

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03 Aug 2016 19:36

I tried different values, from 100% to 400%. And i dont really saw the difference between them. For example, if my fps falls to 8 in some place, changing scale from 300% to 100% gives me 1-2 fps max.

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19 Aug 2016 16:52

I'm afraid I have to report significant FPS issues as well since the latest promods update. I suspect that something is hoarding a huge amount of resources in the background, because:

- Setting in game graphics from minimum to maximum has literally no effect
- Location in game has no significant effect, in big cities my FPS gets way below 20 and even in rural areas I can barely reach 30

My game used to run smoothly before, I only had some FPS problems in selected cities.

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I also have Rusmap installed and all JazzyCats traffic mods, but I suspect there is some kind of optimization issue hidden inside ProMods.

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19 Aug 2016 23:22

Check out your other truck & AI mods, trucks & vehicles add the most significant amount of textures and draw calls to the game.
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21 Aug 2016 20:31


After a lot of type Lags and very low FPS problem I reinstalled as follows:

1_ new profile and 6 Promods files in the mod manager, in order...
2_ I launched my career and finished my first delivery.
3_ then I backed up and left my profile.
4_ I then added in mod manager a few trailers + skin + volvo VNL780 mods... (no traffic pack vehicle or truck etc)...
5_ I saved the changes with my mods added low priority (under promods)...
6_ I restarted my part... which now took into account all my mods without disturbing or overwrite files Def Promods my existing game, and the final many much less crash than before, but still lag FPS in the run-up to the big cities or a lot of graphic details are calculated, but overall it is already much more fluid and more than crash miners return Windows desktop...

NB: the crossing of some cities in Poland are exceptional Visual, so I say bravo and 1000 thanks to the authors who are working on the most fantastic of all ETS2 maps...

Thanks to reed me

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Game scale 100%
Gaming setting texture average with high weather & high texture

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25 Aug 2016 18:28

What have i to do to see the fps ingame ?
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25 Aug 2016 18:48

If you have Steam version. Go to steam settings - In game - in game fps counter and set where you want it to be.

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07 Sep 2016 21:16

I have significant frame drops in Barcelona. In 2.03 in Donastaia, haven't checked it in 2.10. I think the Spanish design is to complex. Barcelona is well done but at 16fps just no fun. I usually run at 40-60fps, only if I reduce to 1920x1080 I get 60fps mostly. I run at 2560x1440.

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08 Sep 2016 13:12

Me too i have a intel i5 4460 3.2gh and a gtx 960 4 gb and i am geting big frame drops inside citys i get from 60 fps to 20 in metropolitan areas one time i was down to 15 fps in barcelona is there anything i can do?

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08 Sep 2016 13:55

Same problem here.
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