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26 Feb 2017 10:00

had the same problem too but reducing to 125% and all other settings from medium to high solved the problem nearly
good when i read the settings from plykkegaard
PU: Quad core CPU 3.0 GHz
CPU Speed: 3.0 GHz
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Video Card: GeForce GTX 760-class (2 GB)

good with the ram ill jump on this wagon too with 8gb and windows 10 and 2gb card(standard amd) but with 2 ghz a little under the settings lol...
simple solution....anywhere else medium up to good running of the game so we simply dont drive to spain.there is so much beautyful stuff to see and roads to explore :D i am not sad about avoiding one country

but another one
windows 10 upcomin "game mod" will help for those around us with older ,slower or not that higher powered equipment?


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26 Feb 2017 10:39

Hopefully there is never be another Barcelona, now it's most south of map so it's easy to avoid. Currently it wastes modders time to spend hours (days) in one City that players avoid!? Remember too that ridiculous amount of ramps and bridges can't make this map 1:1 scale realistic. Yes, I love this game WITH PM, just asking nicely little common sense from artistic modders.

Have you notice that always when driving close crossroads, especially with bridges/ramps present, fps take clear hit. I think problem is concrete and or tarmac (traffic and lightnig you can avoid in night). If somebody skilled could do mod that changes them with clearly (more than half) smaller textures it would be easy to discover.

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21 Mar 2017 10:10

The problem it's on users side, everybody asking Promods for "quality". Yeah, but killing your PC when playing a 2012 game it's a stupid way to do it.
Now, why do i need high resolution textures for city buildings or anything secondary? ETS2 it's not very well optimized anyway so what it's the point to use a mod to what? ...see nice buildings?
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02 Apr 2017 13:08

I have just entered a city (Nurnberg) in germany and i struggle to achieve anything higher than 15fps

Game is running at high settings (medium on mirrors), at 1080p with 200% res scale.

Cpu: i5 6600K (Around 40% utilisation while playing)
Gpu: Gtx 970 (Around 40-60%)
And 8gb or ddr4 ram which was far from filled.

I have tried various stuff from changing graphical settings to cpu affinity and nothing has worked so far

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03 Apr 2017 10:18

Are you using many heavy AI or trailer packs?
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03 Apr 2017 10:56

Newer hardware don't understand older games well and ETS2 game engine is old and heavily modified to add many improvements, so it's harder to drivers too. I've seen mostly issues with GTX 9xx and GTX 10xx series GPUs (remember first to safety copy your profiles folder in your documents\ETS2\ !!!) that can improve by that nvidia gaming software tool (comes with GPU) or affinity trick you tried or complete reinstall, delete ETS2 folder in your documents too.
Edit: PM add weight to ETS2 so it drops 5-15fps in everybody. You should drop scaling vanilla game 200% to 150% with PM to keep up.

I've tested with 5 Jazzycat mods (4GB together) in rush hours and night time and didn't affected fps to all. I drove around Hamburg and Paris with lots of bridges and ramps that drops fps and I can see lots of traffic at same time.

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04 Apr 2017 13:56

Other mods i use:
Ai traffic pack
Mod that changes traffic density
3 truck mods
Rus map
No bloom hdr fix

I tried changing the scaling and the resolution. And even at sub 720p at 50% scaling i get the exact same frame rate as with 1080p 200% scaling.

Edit: It also seems that the low fps only seems to happen in the north-west part of the EU (Specifically Germany, belgium, netherlands and poland). i have now been driving through sweden and the fps never dropped below 80 even in the main city

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07 Apr 2017 09:16

very high traffic density is the main fps eater in this game, reduce the numbers in traffic files and you will see the difference. in certain large cities a fps drop is perfectly normal, when this happens I reduce temporary the scaling to 100%, then outside cities back to 200%
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29 Jun 2017 02:22

Sim v2.17, PM 1.27+RusMap. Just discovered Barcelona with France DLC and it's one of the most impressive cities without a doubt in both scale and detail. Correspondingly, frames are also some of the lowest I've seen. 20fps minimum, 30fps average, very inconsistent stuttering as well even with half refresh. I agree with some of the above sentiments that cities above a certain size are impractical in ETS/ATS context. On one hand we have performance issues with the huge size, not to mention many roads which players may never drive on or avoiding the city altogether and on the other hand, such cities would still be too small to do local deliveries or provide any meaningful purpose.

May I suggest, when representing large cities in future, to focus all efforts on 1 or 2 major roads/thoroughfares with all the detail and leave out most of the minor/back roads. Driving down a long boulevard with lots of intersections and detail gives a greater sense of entering a large city and in my opinion this would be better than driving a short distance into a sprawling (and performance-crippling) city do quickly dump your load and get out because the frames are so bad.

Still, thank you PM for the stunning work that you do.

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