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20 May 2018 06:33

Ok so i paid for 2.26 now 2.27 is released.
Do i have to download from or can i use 2.26 with 2.27 update
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20 May 2018 06:50

what? you need full download version 2.27 if you want play w/ets2 v1.31.x
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21 May 2018 14:12

You don't pay for the mod, what you pay is for a faster download. That means that yes, you'll have to re-pay if you want to do it fast.

Also, if you have the ETS2 version 1.30, keep the 2.26. If you're using 1.31, download 2.27, otherwise it'll be incompatible.
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22 May 2018 20:55

"ACCESS DENIED! It doesn't look like you've come from one of our download links, are using a browser or addon that blocks referrals or have stumbled across something you're not supposed to see. You'll need to start the download via our download links here in order to successfully download our mod." I have this. What can I do? I have Mozilla and Chrome.

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22 May 2018 22:42

@hanys246 Try again now, the free download servers went down earlier. Also, this has nothing to do with this topic, please start a new thread in future

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