[2.27] Crash on roundabout in Irun (Spain)

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22 May 2018 04:05

Hi, first of all, I would like to say a big thank you to all of promods team.
You guys make an amazing experience.

Since the release of 2.27, I've been experiencing multiple crashes in game, including this one in Irun (Spain).
It gets gradually heavy when I'm driving in a town or a highway (encountered not only in Spain but also in France and somewhere in Eastern Europe), and eventually the game crashes.

I suspected the use of TCP add-on, and already re-downloaded it as in the trouble shooting thread.
Also, for this one in Irun I cut off all the other mods.


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22 May 2018 11:34

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396.00:00:18.466 : [hashfs] promods-tcp-companies-v117.scs: Mounted, 999 entries
you still have to wrong one. Delete all files from TCP and reextract them. Make sure you use the arcive which is 63 MB big. It should only Mount 574 entries the new TCP Company package.
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22 May 2018 14:42

I'm not sure why the old TCP was used, but I reinstalled the files and it seems like there is no more problem.
Thanks for the reply and great help, please keep up the great work.

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