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22 May 2018 09:43

<ERROR> Oversize trajectory order rule without active route checkpoint. uid: 0x251ACFF86A000001
<WARNING> Forcing sector data!
<ERROR> [model] Unknown look name 'asphalt' on model '/road_template/road/sidewalk.pmd'
<ERROR> [traffic] Unable to determine road lane -1 for road item (0x64EE68F2FD00001). Please check prefab<->road connection!
<ERROR> [traffic_area] Error registering item 0x64EE689FA700001

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22 May 2018 11:02

Hi could you provide the full log ?

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22 May 2018 11:29

First one will be fixed in 2.30
second one Comes everytime when a Sector Needs to load. Happens when you click drive or when you teleport(nothing bad)
3-5 Need coordinates to test.
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