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If you report a game crash ALWAYS post your game.log.txt in between CODE tags, or if it too large post it on and share the link.
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20 Jun 2018 15:42

My game crashes on the road to danmark
my gamelog:

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20 Jun 2018 15:52

Do you have bought Scwarzmueller and Cabin DLC? If not, disable mods other than ProMods, ProMods-compatibile maps and ProMods TCP.
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20 Jun 2018 15:58


1.) your load order is wrong - map mods should loaded at bottom, but you putted ProMods on top.
2.) your jazzycat mods are outdated (for example: bus_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.9.scs (current version 4.5))

If the crash still occur than one of your trailer mods is the culprit - you are loading a lot of trailer mods, it is impossible to say which one is not working.

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20 Jun 2018 17:04

@dieter.debo, I don't think these are related to your crash, but I noticed some problems in your game.log:
  • You appear to be using two different versions of the same "Real Tires Mod":

    Code: Select all

    00:01:07.681 : [zipfs] Mounted, 753 entries [0x854e648]
    00:01:07.681 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Real Tires Mod" has been mount. (package_name: Real_Tires_Mod_5.7, version: 5.6, source: User mods)
    00:01:07.701 : [zipfs] Mounted, 930 entries [0xf197e116]
    00:01:07.701 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Real Tires Mod" has been mount. (package_name: Real_Tires_Mod_5.5, version: 5.4, source: User mods)
    Also the latest version of this mod I can find is v6.0, and it is for ETS2 v1.30, so the versions you are using are definitely out of date (v5.5 is before ETS2 v1.27!).
  • You appear to be using both the "full" version and some of the "partial" versions of the "Real Tires Mod". If you use the full version, I don't think you need any of the "partial" versions:

    Code: Select all

    00:01:08.024 : [zipfs] Mounted, 627 entries [0xa409ad2d]
    00:01:08.024 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Real Tires Mod GY" has been mount. (package_name: Real_Tires_Mod_GY_5.5, version: 5.4, source: User mods)
    00:01:08.501 : [zipfs] Mounted, 731 entries [0xef1e72f6]
    00:01:08.501 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Real Tires Mod BCHMPY" has been mount. (package_name: Real_Tires_Mod_BCHMPY_5.5, version: 5.5, source: User mods)
  • You appear to be using both the English and Russian definition files for Jazzycat's Trailers and Cargo pack, you only need to load one of them:

    Code: Select all

    00:01:56.317 : [zipfs] C:/Users/diete/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.9_eng.scs:
    00:01:56.318 : [zipfs] trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.9_eng.scs: Mounted, 10911 entries [0x7f9cf085]
    00:01:56.318 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Trailers & cargo pack by Jazzycat v6.9" has been mount. (package_name: trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.9_eng, version: 6.9, source: User mods)
    00:01:56.940 : [zipfs] C:/Users/diete/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.9_rus.scs:
    00:01:56.940 : [zipfs] trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.9_rus.scs: Mounted, 10911 entries [0x826c73d4]
    00:01:56.941 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Trailers & cargo pack by Jazzycat v6.9" has been mount. (package_name: trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.9_rus, version: 6.9, source: User mods)

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