[2.27-2.40] Game may crash when adding ProMods to an existing profile

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If you report a game crash ALWAYS post your game.log.txt in between CODE tags, or if it too large post it on pastebin.com and share the link.
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31 Jul 2018 20:46

The game may crash while the game is loading when ProMods 2.27/2.30/2.31 is added to an existing game profile. After the game crashes the last few lines in the "game.log.txt" file will be:

Code: Select all

Building routing graph.
Route data generation started.
Route data generation finished.
If your game crashes sometime after the game has completely loaded, or if the end of your game.log.txt is different than the lines above, then you do not have this problem.

If you experience this game crash signature then you can perform an economy reset to get around the problem. To perform an economy reset you must change a variable in one of the game's configuration files, or change the variable in the game console (if you have the console feature enabled) before loading the game profile. A procedure for changing the configuration file follows.

The game uses two types of configuration files:
  • Global configuration
  • Profile-specific configuration
The profile-specific configuration needs to be modified. The variable to change will only be found in the profile-specific configuration file. If the variable is not found in the configuration file that you open then it is likely you have opened the wrong file. Do not add the variable if it is missing, this will not work.
  1. If you only have a single game profile in your game then skip to step 3.
  2. Start your game, select the game profile which is crashing, and start/load the profile. This should cause the game to crash.
  3. If your game is running please exit the game.
  4. Navigate to your game's home directory (on a Windows system this is usually "C:\Users\ your_windows_username \Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2").
  5. Open the "profiles" folder.
  6. There will be a folder for each of your game profiles. Each folder name has a series of letters and numbers which is the encoded profile name. You need to find the folder that is your crashing profile. If you performed step 2 then the folder with the most recent modification time will be the correct folder. You can change the folder view to show all of the file details, then sort the folder list by modification time. Open the most recent folder.
  7. Open the "config_local.cfg" file with a text editor like Windows Notepad.
  8. Find the line for "g_force_economy_reset". It is usually within the first few lines of the file:
  9. Change the number at the end of the line from "0" to "1", like this:

    Code: Select all

    uset g_force_economy_reset "1"
  10. Save and close the file.
  11. Start the game and start/load your game profile.
If successful the game will show a message informing you that a "game change was detected": this is expected due to the economy reset operation you just performed.

Note: The "g_force_economy_reset" variable will automatically reset to "0" after the game has performed the economy reset operation, so there is no need to change the variable back to "0" because the game automatically does.

If this solution doesn't work:

try loading an older savegame file to solve that Problem


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