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17 Aug 2018 14:12

Jabgon wrote:
17 Aug 2018 12:29
that didn't work.
1. it is not the admin account it is blocked by the utility account which requires a password
2. It comes up with open in another program which I don't know where it is open
3. I have looked in properties and it says it is ''read-only (Only applies to files in folder)'' which I also need permission to change.
What is the utility acc. on your PC? Also for fixing the priviliges on win10: [youtube] [/youtube]

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17 Aug 2018 14:39

I don't know what it is? If you mean the name of it it is ''WDAGUtilityAccount Win10''. That is all it says.

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17 Aug 2018 16:03

Abdurrezzak3500 wrote:
17 Aug 2018 14:12
Also he didn't double posted @realmadrid1902. As you can see they are different.
Actually, "double posting" in this context means creating multiple posts in a short period of time, which is indeed a violation of the forum rule #3c. If your post is the last post in the thread, then the preferred method of adding new information is to edit your last post instead of creating new post(s).

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18 Aug 2018 09:26

I am going to try to make another profile that i can actually play and see what happens with the other profile.

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