ProMods 232 and Baltic DLC

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10 Dec 2018 17:53

G'Day all me ProMods people.

I just have a Small Question.

Downloaded and Installed Baltic DLC, the Latest DLC and cannot see any difference in the promods map and most of all, don't see St Petersburg, and such.

Now the question for real:

Will the next Promods 233, will include compatability with the Baltic DLC?

I am eagerly and anxiously to the max, awaiting the next edition.

That will let me finally drive the Baltics.
Thats it for now both points have been put forward. Thanks.

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10 Dec 2018 17:57

next Version will require and be compatible with Baltic DLC, this Version will override Baltic Areas with ProMods Baltic, so if you want to play with the DLC, you need to play without ProMods for the time being
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