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09 Jan 2019 00:51

I am currently trying to download the compatibility version of Promods for 1.31 (haven't bought italia yet :roll: ), but the download keeps ending, with Chrome giving the message "Download failed - network error" after about 100MB has completed. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Edit: there is nothing wrong with my internet, filed from every other website download just fine no matter the size.

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09 Jan 2019 17:09

Try another browser? If not already tested.
Sometimes it is that simple, sometimes not.
Avoid download accelerators.
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09 Jan 2019 21:05

Thank you for the advice, I'll try that now and let you know if it works. I dont have any download accelerators or chrome extensions, and there isnt any additional bloatware or drivers that could be interfering.
Thanks again!
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