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07 May 2019 02:27

Ok so before I installed promods in ETS 2, my truck crashed and had engine & gear malfunctions. Soon I went to Dublin's Volvo Repair Shop using promods when I installed it. Repaired it but my Scania s V8 Engine revs to 2000 rpm (the blue band on the tachometer) when accelerating. If I go 90KM/H it goes to 1500 rpm. Why is my engine rev so high? Is this a promods issue?

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How do I post my game log. Copy & Paste won't work. It exceeds the word limit.

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07 May 2019 04:09

Please don't bump older topics, make your own one instead next time.

For Game.log post it on pastebin and share the link here.

Although we haven't changed anything in gear or engine rev speed, so this is most likely not a PM issue.
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