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14 May 2019 02:37

I updated to the latest version of ETS 2 and all of my DLCS and ProMods are incompatible making the game unplayable. What should I do?

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14 May 2019 04:00

First of all find out why it's indicating incompatible. Please check the I (INFO) button in the mod manager.
If not obvious then post your game.log.txt here please
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14 May 2019 04:44

Seeing your title. I think you didn't update to the latest version, you updated to an experimental beta (ETS2 1.35)
Promods 2.40 isn't compatible with ETS2 1.35. It's made fr ETS2 1.34. Opt out of the beta if you want to play ProMods.
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14 May 2019 13:14

I figured it out and that cause of it was a current update on Steam which messed up everything. Thanks for all the suggestions.

How do I find out how to get to the game log? Why do you need it?
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14 May 2019 13:50


heres an Instruction how to post the game.log here.

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