Crashes upon loading, and I am unable to play the game whatsoever

Installation problems or game crashes? Post them here.
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If you report a game crash ALWAYS post your game.log.txt in between CODE tags, or if it too large post it on and share the link.
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30 May 2019 22:50

Crashes upon loading, apparently the files are corrupted, and I've re-downloaded them multiple times (From the payed link) and it still does not work.

Here is what the testfiles says


Thanks in advance, I didn't really want to be a pain in the ass and post on the forums but I literally have no choice :(

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31 May 2019 08:08

The testfile is only for the free download for the paid download there's no filetester.
The game is not crashing you're just not waiting long enough. First time the game needs to rebuild the navigation cache which can take up to 30 min, depending on your hardware. Just let the game load and don't try to close it. See:
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31 May 2019 14:04

Oh ok thanks, I left it for about 15mins and made some food, I figured it was just broken

Thanks again!

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