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01 Jun 2019 20:10

Hello. my game is at version and i have downloaded the newest promod.
it sais that i do not have the dlc viva la france so the promods v2.40 gets incompatible. but i have i dlc viva la france.
how do i fixs that?

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01 Jun 2019 20:43

Can you please show us your game.log? Open it in notepad.exe and copy the content to www.pastebin.com. Provide the link here.
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01 Jun 2019 20:45

You need to have ALL map DLC's (Going East, Scandinavia, Viva la France, Italia, Baltic) for ProMods 2.40 .

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01 Jun 2019 23:24

Added in 47 seconds:
i have ALL MAP DLC'S

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01 Jun 2019 23:31

Code: Select all

00:00:04.891 : <ERROR> [package] Unable to mount package 'dlc_fr'.
verify your game at Steam. looks like something is broken with your France dlc.

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