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06 Jun 2019 05:17


Is ProMods 2.40 compatible with ETS 2 version 1.35? I notice that I have issues saving my game onto the steam cloud when I opted for the 1.34 beta version to prevent it from updating to version 1.35 since it says that the World of Trucks connection failed. Is that part of the Steam Cloud?

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06 Jun 2019 06:01

WoT servers are currently undergoing maintenance. ProMods 2.40 is only compatible with 1.34
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06 Jun 2019 10:46

The ProMods team made rather clear way before 1.35 was even released that it wouldn't work yet. They also send out a tweet after the 1.35 release stating the same.

Just have patience, it will come but the team need time to get it working properly. Trust in the ProMods team, give them time :)
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06 Jun 2019 11:28

In the meantime we recommend you to downgrade your ETS2 version and keep enjoying ProMods in 2.40. For doing so, you will have to go to your Steam client → LIBRARY → right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Betas tab → select the version you want (in this case, 1.34).
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06 Jun 2019 14:57

| [SCS Blog] Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.35 ... pdate-135/
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[SCS Blog] Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.35
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Yesterday at 18:35
TruckersMP Announcement

Hello Truckers,

We are aware of the current 1.35 update to ETS2 and are working on getting the multiplayer mod supported for the latest version as soon as possible.

Steam beta settings:
ETS: temporary_1_34 - 1.34.x for unsupported mods
ATS: None, opt out of beta

You can find a guide on how to downgrade your game to still be able to play the mod here: ... ersion-134
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07 Jun 2019 17:24

When I tried to load the game with the newest update all of my mod files where labelled as incompatible , is there any way to get them working?
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07 Jun 2019 17:28


ProMods 2.40 is not compatible with 1.35, you have to go back to version 1.34.

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14 Jun 2019 14:45

Im using ets2 1.34 and still says its incompatible for my version with promods 2.40, i downloaded promods yesterday

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14 Jun 2019 14:53

Press on the 'i' and the game will tell you what the issue is.
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14 Jun 2019 17:16

bxnjamin97 wrote:
07 Jun 2019 17:24
When I tried to load the game with the newest update all of my mod files where labelled as incompatible , is there any way to get them working?
All mods have a manifest, file in it. you need a program called notepad++ to edit them.
Use 7-zip or winrar to open the mod, drag the manifest out to desktop, open it with notepad++ find where it says compatible version, and 1.34X or lower and replace it with 1.35X save after edited then move the manifest file on desktop back into rar file and owerwrite. and it will work. but it does not work on Pro Mods

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