[Fixed known issue] Game says that save is incompatible after updating to 2.41

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04 Jul 2019 12:09

There was initially a bug in the 2.41 def generator, which made the game unable to load saves with ProMods 2.41. The bug has now been fixed (at c. 13:00 UTC, 4th July 2019)! If you generated your def package before that, please generate it again now! There is no reason to redownload any other packages. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

hey! i downloaded the paid version, but the game keeps sayinmg that my savegame is incompatible. even if i make a new game and load that, it keeps saying that, did i do anything wrong?

here is my game.log

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04 Jul 2019 12:15

There's a bug in the def generator that causes this. you've to wait until the problem has been fixed, then you can generate a new file
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04 Jul 2019 12:18

Same here. I tried both updating an existing 2.40 ProMods profile and starting a brand new one, both times the game fails to load.

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04 Jul 2019 12:23


just read the post above yours.

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04 Jul 2019 12:25

"There's a bug in the def generator that causes this"

It's probably the heat, those insects multiply like crazy - no problem, we'll wait. Thanks for the info

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04 Jul 2019 12:39

I have just downloaded and installed promods 2.41 but ets2 1.35 is saying 2.41 is incompatable

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04 Jul 2019 12:48

Can you post your game.log ?

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04 Jul 2019 12:56

I'm having the same issues

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04 Jul 2019 13:00

Me too

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04 Jul 2019 13:06

Same here

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