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2.41 - Stuttering in certain areas

Posted: 22 Jul 2019 19:43
by Tempto

I've noticed that in certain areas (especially the Balkans), there's an annoying amount of stuttering. It's not unplayable levels, but it's still really annoying nonetheless. I don't use any other mods that could affect FPS or performance in any way (just a couple of very minor mods). I have a hunch that it's grass related, as the areas in which it's happening are absolutely beautiful and full of grass. I've got most settings on high except for Vegetation Detail (Medium), Mirror Distance (Medium), and now Grass Density (Low). Scaling is 200% and I'm using the new DX11 mode, 64 bit. I haven't driven all around the map to test whether this happens in all Promods areas; however, I have driven through Sweden, Russia, Poland, the Baltics, and Italy (most of which are mostly SCS areas I believe) and not noticed this. It only started really "kicking in" around the Balkans and Romania, and slightly less so in Cyprus.

Relevant specs: i5-4460, GTX 1060 6GB, SSD, 8GB RAM

I would be very grateful if someone could just confirm if this is the case and "normal" in such grass intensive areas, or if there's something wrong with my setup.

Warm regards and thanks in advance