Game crashes after a few seconds

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14 Aug 2019 15:39

Well, you were using a 64Bit OS, instead of 32Bit, that could make a difference.
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14 Aug 2019 15:55

I agree with Trucker2223. Previously you were using 64-bit Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, and running the game in 64-bit mode:
  • running on x86_64 / Windows 7 x64 (version 6.1) / Service Pack 1
Now you are using 32-bit Windows 7 (possibly without the service pack) and running the game in 32-bit mode (your only option):
  • running on x86 / Windows 7 x86 (version 6.1)
32-bit Windows limits your RAM to 3.5GB even if you have more installed. 64-bit Windows does not have this limitation. In addition, the amount of memory that the game has access to in the 32-bit operating system is limited to 2.0GB (a limitation imposed by Windows).

Bottom line, your system is limited to giving the game only 2.0GB (or less) of RAM and the minimum requirement is 4.0GB. So you need to reinstall a 64-bit version of Windows to get access to all of your installed RAM.

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14 Aug 2019 16:32

Haha lol, you guys are right. It was operating on a 64-bit system before. A few minutes ago I called my computer shop, from which I bought it 8 years ago and he confirmed he'd installed a windows 7 64-bit version. I didn't know this. In fact, I had no idea there's this difference. So when I formatted it last Monday I never checked which version of Windows that I was installing, because I had that copy of Windows laying around here somewhere.

Tomorrow I'll do everything again. And this time I'll get myself a copy of Windows 10 instead. I'm a teacher, so I can get stuff like that fairly cheap. :) Thanks very much for the help/information and I'm pretty sure I'll have it working by tomorrow evening haha. ETS2 is not the only game that is not working properly btw, I have this problem with more games now.

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