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Mod not working on new ETS2

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15 Aug 2019 12:38

Last week, ive installed TruckSim via Steam. Have no DLC packages installed. Today, ive downloaded the latest 2.41 ProdMod and copied the files to MyDocuments\\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod folder including the promods-def-v241.scs file. But all mods are "Red" in TruckSim. What am i missing?

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15 Aug 2019 13:17

Aeneas wrote:
15 Aug 2019 12:38
Have no DLC packages installed.
There's your answer. You need all current map DLCs.
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15 Aug 2019 14:10

Allright, I thought it would work with only 1 DLC as well. What DLC's are required?

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15 Aug 2019 14:48

The required DLCs are the ones for map expansion: north, east, france, italy and baltic
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