Whole map shifted to the right a bunch

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01 Sep 2019 06:02

I'm playing with promods, rusmap, southern region, the great steppe, paris rebuilding, Pj indo and a bunch of jazzycat mods. Because of the big map, my game would crash as soon as I zoomed in fully. So I installed Araya's super zoom, which fixed the problem. Unfortunately, the zoom mod seems to be shifting the map to the right a whole lot. For example, I've started out in Barcelona, but on the world map it shows Barcelona in the Sicily area. That's pretty messed up. I've tried multiple other zoom mods which all do the same thing, and I've tested all my map mods, they aren't causing problems I'm pretty sure. And yes, I checked the rusmap compatibility box for the promods def file. If anyone can help me get this to all work, that would be very appreciated.

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01 Sep 2019 09:37


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00:00:33.882 : [zipfs] SuperZoomvPM135.scs: Mounted, 5 entries [0x47c20a52]
00:00:33.882 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Arayas SuperZoomPM[1.35]" has been mounted. (package_name: SuperZoomvPM135, version: 1.35.XX, source: User mods)
You are also using Middle-East add-on, therefore you need the SuperZoomPMME:

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01 Sep 2019 12:10

Thanks for that, never heard of super zoom or mega zoom.
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03 Sep 2019 03:31

Thanks a lot

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