[Piracy/No Support] Southern Region Map Crash (Around Forest Road)

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08 Sep 2019 18:42

Hello community,

I've been enjoying Promods and its Middle East Addon, as well as Rusmap and the Southern Region Map for a while.

Yet, I've ran into a problem with my Southern Region Map recently.
Simply said, there is a crash zone. I've determined the crash area to be vaguely around that infamous forest road of the map.
Here's a pastebin of my game.log:
Here's an image of roughly the crash zone in Southern Map:

Noteworthy, I have no reported issues/crashes anywhere else thus far.

I'm using a few other mods besides the map mods mentioned, here they are in order of mod priority in my mod manager:
Sisl FlatUI
Sound Fixes Pack
IJ's Mods Custom Trailer
Doll Panter Trailer Owneable by Jizzycat
Army Addon for Doll Panter Owneable by JIzzycat
Scania R-S NextGen V8 Open Pipe Sound
Professor's Truck Physics
Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.35
Sisl Addons for Kamaz
Sisl Mega Pack
50k Addons
Scania 2016 S&R Black and Red Lux Interior
New Scania Ghost Screen
Remoled Nextgen
Scania S&R Addons
Southern Region Map Garage Fix Addon
Promods Trailer and Company Packs Replacement
Promods Trailer Definition
Promods Trailer Package
Promods Company Definition
Promods Company Package
Promods Middle East Def & Map
Promods Middle East Assets
Promods + Rusmap Connection
SR7.8 Ferry Connection for Promods-SOuthern Map
Promods Def Package
Rusmap Def Package
Rusmap Map Package
Rusmap Model Package
Rusmap Model2 Package
Promods Map Package
Promods Models 1
Promods Models 2
Promods Models 3
Promods Media Package
Promods Assets Package
Southern Region Map Def and Map (the one underlined as FIXED by Sergey (same crashing issues with the original one, too)
Southern Models 1
Southern Models 2
Southern Models 3
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08 Sep 2019 19:28

How about buying the game first? We don't help pirates!
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