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04 Oct 2019 23:31

Going from Kaliningrad to Karlskrona. Trying to use the boat at Gdynia. But just says that world of trucks can't sync with my current location and then it tries to put me back to the last known location which is on the boat but then I can't move and have to relaunch the game to move again. Some help please?

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05 Oct 2019 06:29

You can't use WoT Jobs with Map Mods. You've to use the Vanilla Map.
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06 Oct 2019 14:00

Hey. But it's possible to do external jobs with map mods. You just can do the jobs from base map cities (if the location of the pickup points is not changed). It's only an issue with the ferries. :/
External jobs is using your coordinates to avoid cheating with "0 cam" and "teleportation". It also reads coordinates from the start and destination ferry. I thing that if on a modded map ferry is relocated, even a little bit, WOTR reads it as an attempt to cheat.

I'm wondering if someone form Promods Team can confirm if some of the ports in scs cities were relocated, even by a millimeter? For example form Poland or Baltic DLC.
And, if the answer is YES, if the ferries can be moved to the exact coordinates which SCS placed them? Maybe then the external jobs using farries would work.
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06 Oct 2019 17:27

Trucker2223 wrote:
05 Oct 2019 06:29
You can't use WoT Jobs with Map Mods. You've to use the Vanilla Map.
I never have issues unless I use a ferry.
You CAN use it, just don't take ferries.
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