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Crash 2.41

Posted: 09 Oct 2019 02:31
by dbryant84

I had an itch to play ETS again after having some crash issues on 2.41. I checked and saw that a def file could cause it. I tried that and am still crashing. I even paid another dollar to re download just in case I missed something. Can anyone let me know whats causing me to crash? I can make it through the loading screens, but no matter which load I select or where I am at as soon as I get in and start driving I crash.

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Re: Crash 2.41

Posted: 09 Oct 2019 03:51
by Josh0
@dbryant84, we need to see your game.log.txt, not game.crash.txt.

Re: Crash 2.41

Posted: 10 Oct 2019 01:34
by dbryant84

Re: Crash 2.41

Posted: 10 Oct 2019 07:05
by fropmeister
You're running some really out of date mods. Your Jazzycat mods, for instance:

AI Traffic pack: Current 11.1, yours 10.1
Painted Truck Traffic Pack: Current 8.8, yours 6.4

And you're one version back on NextGen as well. (Yours is 1.6, current is 1.7.)

Standard practice is to remove all non-PM mods and add them back to find the culprit, but if I were you I'd also consider upgrading all your other outdated mods, as it's likely one of them is causing this.