Cant travel with boat or train

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21 Oct 2019 21:30

Hi there,

When i want to travel with boat or train it want to synchronize but straight after it says desynchronized, then my wheel, pedals and keyboard dont work anymore, i can only exit game with mouse.

Doesnt matter if i reboot or dont use truckersmp.

It only appears when i use promods

Here is my game.log

Thanks in advance for looking into it

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21 Oct 2019 23:03

Mapmods don't work well with WoT jobs.
Please use a vanilla profile for WoT jobs.
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Could you specify what you mean with use a vanilla profile?
No clue how to set such a profile ;)

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09 Feb 2020 18:38

Create a new profile, but do not add any map mods to it. Any mods that do not add/remove roads, companies, towns/cities, etc. are okay to use.
The World of Trucks external contracts can only be done with the base SCS map and their DLCs. Their servers compare your position in the game world to their copy of the map stored on their servers.
ProMods and other map mods change the positions the game content such as ferries, companies, roads, etc. and as such their servers cannot figure out where you are, hence the desync message you received.

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