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23 Oct 2019 00:24

I've spent the past 2 days trying to get the damn game to load with Promods. I did the same load order as I did, ever since I first used Promods (from 2.27), and the game crashes before the loading screen even appears.
1. I have read 2 guides (with Promods 2.2 and Promods 2.4 in the screenshots of each thread) on the proper loading order of each file. I tried each and every layout suggested by this forum.
2. I made a new profile with ONLY Promods in the mods folder (tried each configuration of load orders that I've used w/ past version), just to simply see if the mod works, and even that still results in the game crashing.
3. I have all DLCs.
4. I am using Promods 2.42.

I am now losing my mind as I have spent the past 2 days trying to get the update to work, and every single attempt results in a crash.

The errors in the game by log are shown at this link:

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23 Oct 2019 04:12

Post the full log.
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23 Oct 2019 13:21

it seems that you have corrupted assets file from ProMods. it's unuasual to see "Error while reading units from file" so basically the file is there but cannot be read. redownload maybe the assets part, I believe there is also a tool for checking the integrity of the archive
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23 Oct 2019 15:25

Promods load order work fine... No problem...
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03 Nov 2019 21:20

Okay. I fixed it! Thank you all!

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