Game crash while driving in Southern Region

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08 Nov 2019 03:50

Hi everyone,

I have downloaded Promods+Rus map+Southern Region map mods for playing, but while I was driving in Southern Region area, issues were found near Ставрополь & on M4 Expressway. The screen froze and the sound stops, and soon the game crash warning came out.

Anyone know what's happening and how can it be solved?


Attached game log file here:

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08 Nov 2019 04:48

I don't know for sure what the problem is but I can say that your mod load order needs some work. See this: [GUIDE] Load order for recommended compatible maps [1.35].

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08 Nov 2019 13:40

I have changed the load order of the mods this time, but the problem still exists.

log file here:
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