How Am I Supposed To Update My Game?

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13 Nov 2019 08:17

This is starting to bug me. I recently encountered an issue when updating my game to the latest version ( I have all DLCs and ProMods installed on my account and both were incompatible and out-of-date so I decided to update them too. DLCs worked fine after a few tries (mine don't update automatically for some reason) and promods worked fine too but when I loaded my profile's save (saved on a previous version before the update), it said that it was unable to load because it didn't have the older version of promods. My question is: how the heck am I supposed to update the game and promods while being able to load up my profile? Will I have to create a new profile every time I update promods now?

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13 Nov 2019 09:10

if you use steam, as the Version number suggests, then you only Need to make sure that automatic Updates are enabled in the Steam Settings for ETS2.
Then it should update everything automatically.
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13 Nov 2019 09:24


and for the savegame - just ignore the warning about missing mods and load it anyway.
You do not have to create a savegame for every new game version ;)

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13 Nov 2019 16:45

Thanks so much!

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