Audio Desync (Very strange issue)

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Gabriel L.
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30 Nov 2019 01:17

So my computer runs Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Ultra perfectly with over 80 FPS, and with any mods, Multiplayer, etc.
With ProMods, either on Multiplayer and Single Player, I have such a "Audio lag" where there is such a delay between my command and the sound, like I press the horn or accelerate the truck, it takes almost 1 second to hear it. I've messed with my monitor settings but I'm 100% sure it has nothing to do with it, I run any other game without that issue, it's a very specific problem with ProMods, do anyone have an ideia to fix that? Otherwise it's all perfect, no problems, I paid for the 1$ download which comes in 1 file, might that be the problem? I really don't know never had that issue inb

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30 Nov 2019 06:35

Sorry to hear about your problem but ProMods really doesn't contain any files that could possibly cause an audio lag
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Gabriel L.
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09 Dec 2019 00:11

Hey! Thanks so much for answering. I just turned off and then on my TV and it worked :roll:
So sorry for the worry, It's fixed and I forgot to put it here
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