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Garages are gone

Posted: 14 Feb 2020 09:25
by Wo1olo

I couldn't find anything about this in my forum searches. Maybe I didn't search hard enough. I installed Promods for ETS2 again today and booted up my current profile. My two garages in Turkey are gone. Is that maybe something to do with the rebuild going on in the Black Sea area right now? They're currently showing up as 'N/A' (though my trucks and drivers are still attached to them) and the map in the Black Sea area is very incomplete. My truck spawned under the map, which was fine. I just paid to get it 'towed' away and it's back on the road.

Are my garages safe when Istanbul and such are re-added to the map? I can live with them being 'gone' for now. No big deal.

Re: Garages are gone

Posted: 14 Feb 2020 12:19
by Rudi Raser
yes, the garage should be back after the ProMods/Black Sea merge. :)