2.43 Crash Due to DLC? (UPDATED 19/02/20, Still Problems)

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18 Feb 2020 18:49

ORIGINAL POST: (See below for update)
As the title states, the game seems to crash at random places on the map. I've gone back, and even going to that same place with the freecam will cause the game to crash.
I decided to start a new profile, and set my HQ in Torshavn, Faroe Islands. The game immediately crashes when hitting confirm. I initially noticed it when trying to go to Iceland, so I did some hopping around. It happens in northern Norway (I believe the road is the E6?), in Denmark (entering the city of Hirtshals), and even as far south as Spain.

I am at a loss as this is really the first time I've had issues with PM. My game is up to date (1.36) and running it on DirectX 11.

There is my game.log.txt file after the crash trying to start a new profile at Torshavn.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the game + DLCs, everything was back to working order. Driving around Iceland was fine, which I previously could not do. However now, it seems trying to take the ferry to Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, the game crashes. An exploration with the freecam provides the same results. Upon viewing the game.log.txt, it seems I'm facing the same problem as before: DLCs are broken/unable to load models from DLCs (specifically Scandinavia). I'll upload the most recent game.log.txt for you to take a look at. I'm just curious as to what would suddenly cause a DLC to "break" suddenly like this, or is it something else?
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18 Feb 2020 19:56


it look like that your DLC's are broken.
Try to verify your game files on steam.

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18 Feb 2020 20:06

I'll give that a shot, thanks!
EDIT: I tried that and no luck, says everything is valid. I'll try uninstalling it, reinstalling the game + DLCs, see if that does anything.
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20 Feb 2020 03:34

Maybe your harddrive is at the end of its time? The logs are full of errors about missing DLC content..
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20 Feb 2020 09:07

It may be also another Mod that is incompatible with the DLCs. Try with ProMods only enabled.
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