Rusmap and ProMods problem

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18 Feb 2015 17:54

You seem to be using wrong version. Current ETS2 version is 1.16 and current ProMods version is 1.84.
Please, update your game and mod.

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18 Feb 2015 17:56

He is using ETS2 1.16.2s, and ProMods 1.84. At least, that's what his game.log says.

Please try again with only ProMods enabled. If it crashes again, provide your game.log again.
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18 Feb 2015 19:03

The def problem is resolved.
So,now,Belarus was not raccorded to Poland.
I need a solution so that the two countries are connected...
To go to Moscow, for example, I have to do all of Scandinavia and go through St. Petersburg

Thanks for your help in advance

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18 Feb 2015 19:07

You need Going East DLC.
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18 Feb 2015 19:18

Thibkill22 has the Going East DLC, but there's an awful lot of game errors in the log. I would suggest starting a new profile for testing purposes, and only enabling ProMods and RusMap, or maybe just the Russia map to start with. It should link to Poland on its own via the DLC.
Then add ProMods and see if you get a continuous map.
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18 Feb 2015 20:35

Let's say this:
1) On the one hand I am not connected to the Promods RusMap and I def file that works
2) On the other hand I have Promods with Rusmap and def not working.
I have 2 different profiles.

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