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[1.90] Shifted map SOLUTION

Posted: 24 Mar 2015 04:55
by Redsteel
I have this problem so I decide to investigate a little and i was able to fix it, I'm not exactly sure what everything do but at least it's fixed :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

In my particular case the conflicting mod was Improved Weather R5, so I did the following steps

I'm going to assume that you have installed 7zip or similar, besides that you DON'T have to unpack the files, after modifying them you're asked to save the updated file.

Open promods-def-v190.scs
open the def folder
and finally the file game_data.sii

leave it open, you're going to need it.

open your conflicting mod, in my case zzzzzzzzzzzzzIWR_Effect_r5.scs
look for the def folder and open it
open the file game_data.sii

With both txt files open and if you personalized your promods def file then you have to copy from this section

road_color: 0xFF707070 //Advisor undiscovered route
all the way to this line
refund_coef: 0.6

skip to the section called R G B

# R G B
and copy all the info until you reach the line
discount_truck_offers: 14

Save the file and close it. Pick yes when asked if save the updated version.

The mod that was conflicting with my map had another game_data.sii inside the file zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzIWR_Standart_HD_r5_5_5.scs
, so I change that too.

[*] I'm using a Russian Map that have just another version of the game_data.sii file, and since it's loading last, for good measure I modify that one too.

[*] I DON'T know if all the lines of code are necessary so if someone can pinpoint the exact line that controls the map size that will be great.

I was getting really frustrated with the displaced roads so i hope this help someone else with the same problem, oh and sorry for the bad English, hehe :roll:

Re: [1.90] Shifted map SOLUTION

Posted: 24 Mar 2015 12:22
by cashtime2013
A lot of mods use the game_data.sii file, so one will overwrite another as they're loaded. Personally, I have at least 12 different custom mods based on the settings for maps, rain, sounds etc., and the one I use depends on what map mod I'm running.

The *.sii files may appear to be normal text files, but they contain hidden control characters, and if any are accidentally deleted during editing, the game will probably crash if they're used in mods. The best way to edit .sii files is to use Notepad++ (free), with the Compare plug-in that allows 2 files to be shown side-by-side for comparison and copying. Edited files need to be re-packed (Zipped) using the Store compression method, usually with an .scs extension.

As for maps, there any many settings for these (hint: zoom and camera limits), so I won't go into the details here ;) . You'll find plenty of useful tutorials on modding if you search around :D .

Re: [1.90] Shifted map SOLUTION

Posted: 24 Mar 2015 14:13
A while ago I followed Scul's advice in a topic about this issue (sorry don't rembember which one)
His advice was to load IWR before all the maps, what I did
Since I 've had no pb excepted with 1.9 and only because of Rusmap (tested with and without Rusmap but still with IWR)

Re: [1.90] Shifted map SOLUTION

Posted: 29 Mar 2015 00:24
For me the easiest solution was to put ProMods at the end of the list. But doing that overwrote all the settings of my Brutal, IWC, True Ligths, etc, mods :(
I lost all effects.