CRASHPOINT Motorway7 Kassel

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30 May 2015 18:26

Out driving the new MERC ANTOS MP4 again.

I cannot seem to get PAST THE CURVE before turning Left.
Note where the Silver arrow is.

enclosed is screenshots along with the code.

Who can tell me HOW TO TELEPORTE.

I am having to cancel loads before the crashpoint, and Go back to the TRUCKLIST and chose another truck, and start over from me home Garage.
CRASHPOINTMotorway7Kassel.jpg (84.14 KiB) Viewed 926 times
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CrashpointLocaleMotorwayKASSEL.jpg (99.44 KiB) Viewed 926 times
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30 May 2015 19:05

Game.log, please, We can't do anything with the crash log...
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30 May 2015 20:04

I think , map conflict occur, because I see shifted map - probably RusMap. Try to disable all the mods and only enable ProMods map. Check, if you are using correct version of the game (1.18) and of course - are you using DLC North. Outdated versions of other mods can cause problems....Check and follow this things... It should help you, you welcome. :)
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