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09 Jun 2015 17:32

Hi everyone,

Please tell me if this is not the place for this thread so I can remove it.

Today, I was driving from Duisburg to Liverpool, having the latest versions of both ETS 2 and ProMods. Everything was fine until I neared the "ferry" I would take... GPS just fooled me and I couldn't find the place to take the ferry. Here is what it shows me,


It directs me to, I guess, underwater tunnels but I can't reach them because there's no way going there. I've tried every direction I could and nothing happened, I just keep wandering around looking for a logical explanation. This is first time I am experiencing such a weird thing. So far, GPS worked well and I was just able to go wherever I was supposed to.

Would be glad if someone could help me. This place where I am directed to go is near Calais and has no name, I think it counts as a part of Calais.

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09 Jun 2015 17:57

From the looks of it you're redirected to Europort to board the train for the English Channel Tunnel

You should see a railway station where you can load your truck on the waggons

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09 Jun 2015 18:14

Aha... Thank you. I didn't see the sign while driving and that weird GPS kept sending me around.

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