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16 Jul 2015 11:56

Hi gents, first, a big thank you for your outstanding job! When I was younger, I was trucker all over Europa. The feelings with that simulation are so realistic.
Here is my problem:
I use 1.91 version cause i have only 'going east' DLC (not scandinavia).
The game starts fine but after about one or two hundred kilometers it crashes (CTD) with that message:
Instruction "xxxxxxx" use memory "xxxxxxx" memory can't be written
Not sure that's the game fault, it would be my computer. Could you help me please?
Have a nice day, Mike.

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16 Jul 2015 14:24

Could be lack of memory on your graphics card

Please attach the game log from a CTD, the file can be found in the same folder where your mod fodler is located
File content should be placed within code tags

If the game log is too large please use, dropbox or similar service

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16 Jul 2015 20:44

Many thanks plykkegaard, no more CTD since I deleted some FPS killer mods. Nevertheless, I need to change my old 9600GT. Thanks again, Mike.

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