Can't change steering wheel angle on windows 10?

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31 Aug 2015 16:22


Yesterday i upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10, but now i have a little problem and i hope someone can help me.
the problem is i can't find the option to change my steering wheel angle in my wheel settings.
I have a logitech driving force GT, and if i have to believe the official logitech website it should be compatible with windows 10.
Even the logitech gaming software doesn't have the option to change the steering angle.
With windows 7 i had no problems at all, so i was wondering if it has something to do with windows 10, but i could be wrong.

I hope that someone could help me with this problem. because it's really annoying.
Don't know if this is the right section for this post.

Sorry for bad english (I'm dutch).

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31 Aug 2015 22:22

not trolling! - go back to windows 7 and stay with it for some more time.. atleast till sp1 for windows 10..

windows 10 has 2 system control windows.. on in the start menu and one on the far right button.. both dont share the same content.. i think you would have to search for the gamecontroller settings.

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02 Sep 2015 11:52

I have a Logitech Driving Force GT running without any trouble on Windows 10 x64 and with a 900º steering angle.
I installed Logitech's software for Windows 10 ( ... t#download) and the option is there. Does this not work for you?

@Stuferus, I upgraded from win8.1 and am finding Windows 10 perfectly fine! Haven't had any major flaws until now.

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02 Sep 2015 15:30

some have problems, some dont.. i happy that you dont have any problems. i dont like it.. not only but also becouse of the privacy issues it has :)

ill wait for sp1 and stay windows 7 (and linux) until than :)

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