Speed limits in ETS 1.20 and Promods 1.97

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04 Sep 2015 11:02


The speed limits on roads seems like a little mess now. In citys suddenly truck limit is 80 and sometimes 50 as it should.
One time it was 80 inside the city and when I came out on a country road it went down to 60.
This makes the AIs drive like crazy inside citys. Looks like it have to do with road type.

So where is the problem, ETS or Promods map or what?
I have ETS 1.20, Promods 1.97, Poland Rebuild 1.97 and Rusmap 1.5.1 + the FIX scs for those maps.
And some Jazzcat AI mods.

It all worked with no crazy speed limits in the previous versions for ETS 1.19

Also one more thing but it must be a ETS problem. It never get pitch black at night in Scandinavia. There are always at least a period year round when it
is totaly black at night. Only in the very far north you have some light at night during summer time.

Per W

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04 Sep 2015 11:21

Prague is known for 80 km/h speed limits... so does Pècs too.

Can be something to deal with SCS because ProMods hasn't made anything there...
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04 Sep 2015 11:22

SCS have changed the weather system in update 1.20 so that the sun follows the natural curve depending on your position on the planet.
The game only knows one day, June 21, or Midsommar, therefore the effect in Sweden is that it doesn't go pitch black (unless you are in the south)

As for the speed limits it helps to know where this occurs
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04 Sep 2015 13:05

I agree with your point about dark nights Per. I remember on Extreme Trucker 2 how dark the night sky was when driving across the Australian Outback. You could see all the stars :) .

The new sun elevation system sets a relative calendar date in the game - June 21st, which is day 172 - and that determines the elevation of the sun in the sky. But other settings alter the degree of darkness (unless something else has radically changed!).

I've recently started using an Autumn mod, so I'll check if that not only makes the nights longer, but also darker, to see if light night skies are just a summer-time-of-year related feature ;)
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04 Sep 2015 14:05

i think its time scs adds seasons somehow..

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04 Sep 2015 23:11

Maybe they will Stuferus,

SCS do say they have new and exciting things planned for version 1.2.1, seasons would be good, but that might involve a lot of code rewriting for the base game, so it may take a while
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05 Sep 2015 14:18

I've noticed trucks are doing roughly 65km/h on the a1 in Germany between Hamburg and Bremen, pretty frustrating as there is an overtaking ban there!

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