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19 Sep 2015 19:48

Zniwek wrote:Looks like I sitll don't understand that Mod Manager oO
Why everybody says that maps should be on the bottom when I have them on the top of the list and everything works fine? :D
Perhaps it is because that is the way the new system is designed to work? Lord knows SCS certainly took their time explaining how the new system works! 8-)

If you were making a cake, would you put the frosting and decorations first, then throw the cake layers on top?

Map mods are the "base layer" of the cake, so they should be on the bottom of the Active Mods list. Anything else is layered "on top" of the map layers.

If your arrangement works at all, it's purely by accident. Besides, how would you actually know that "everything works fine?"
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19 Sep 2015 20:16

I know it because I didn't have any crash, all cargo is showing up, all additional trucks work and so on. That's why I doubt that placing other mods above or below maps makes any difference. Not for me at least :)
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19 Sep 2015 21:45

yep same here all my trucks are placed below maps and this has no impact on both :) but keeping right map order is a must

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