[Read me] Common 2.00 problems and how to fix them

Installation problems or game crashes? Post them here.
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[Read me] Common 2.00 problems and how to fix them

Postby penguinaz » 26 Dec 2015 09:08

A list of common crashes and how to fix them.

Crashes when loading/mod installation:
- if you'd have the free version, you NEED 7zip and you must unzip the file ending with .001 .It is a multirar so you do NOT have to unzip the other files seperatly. Just .001.
-the paid download contains a single archive that you must extract using 7zip. Don't forget, you still need to generate a def file!
- make sure you remove old promods and remove Poland Rebuilding completely!
- if you still crash remove all of your mods except promods and see if it still crashes. If not, it is one of your mods' fault.

Other issues:
- if the map is not lining up correctly, make sure in the def generator you select "check here if you use Rusmap" and in Mod Manager the promods def is at the top of the list!

Please add anything I forgot to the list :D
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Re: [Read me] Common 2.00 problems and how to fix them

Postby Volleybal4life » 26 Dec 2015 13:56

Locked the topic in favor for readability. If you still got problems with installing the mod.
Please refer to the tutorial.
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