[2.40] Sweden, E20 Gothenburg-Södertälje: incorrect speed limit on 2+1-lane sections

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Jens Lyn IV
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02 May 2019 17:33

Route E20 Gothenburg-Södertälje eastbound.
  • Expected speed limit: 80 km/h (trucks); 90 km/h (buses), up to 100 km/h (cars);
  • actual speed limit: 70 km/h (all vehicles).
  • From (sec+0002-0011);9923.47;6.71531;-41138;-0.0379411;-0.126761 to (sec+0002-0011);10008.3;4.48125;-42511.2;-0.137441;-0.124202 screenshot
  • From (sec+0003-0012);13286.4;5.5023;-45174.8;-0.655068;-0.118127 to (sec+0003-0012);14396.4;7.49442;-46101.3;-0.969128;-0.1219 screenshot
  • From (sec+0003-0012);14601.5;7.70052;-46234;-1.01956;-0.0974439 to (sec+0003-0012);15170.4;9.25976;-46354.3;-1.51175;-0.124253 screenshot
  • From (sec+0004-0013);19846.4;8.68217;-48971.8;-1.82327;-0.123022 to (sec+0005-0013);20228.5;9.67341;-48959.3;-1.57431;-0.126017 screenshot
  • From (sec+0005-0013);20397.9;9.69971;-48959.1;-1.59261;-0.115036 to (sec+0005-0013);20821.8;17.6886;-48901.7;-1.7799;-0.118838 screenshot

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05 May 2019 19:07

Thanks for the report, like the others reports Ostpuff will see that due to the complex.

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