[2.40] Sign issues in Enniscorthy, Ireland

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13 May 2019 16:44

All the signs below are in the town of Enniscorthy so I didn't post co-ordinates for each one!

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Enniscorthy ;[13/05/2019 16:14] (sec-0017-0007);-66963;64.2379;-26405.6;0.0748758;-0.136285
  • I've reported this bug before (about the spelling), it was fixed but has now returned to "center". Should be "centre".
  • Irish for "town centre" is correct, but is never used. Instead, put in the name of the town in Irish (in this case, Inis Córthaidh).
  • Again, the "Lár an Bhaile" is meant to be the name of the town. This is the same elsewhere in Ireland.
  • Route numbers and distances are written in what looks like Transport. They should instead be written in Transport Heavy (on ALL signs in Ireland, not just this one).
More examples of Lár an Bhaile.

Incorrect spelling of An Abhainn Dubh. Remove acute accents (fadas) on both a's.

This bug was reported (by me :D ) before, was apparently fixed, but when I visited, it remained the same: https://www.promods.net/viewtopic.php?f ... 1&p=234221

No game.log as these bugs were found yesterday.
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