[Fixed] [#20720] Hungarian city name translations

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17 Sep 2019 05:45

There are some mistakes in the translations of city names into Hungarian.

* Ebląg and
* Grudziądz
have no Hungarian names, thus, similarly to other such places, the original name with diacritics should be used. (In the current version, the diacritics are missing.)

Furthermore, the names of three Russian cities aren't transscribed properly. These are:
* Никель, currently transscribed as Nikel, should be transscribed as Nyikel.
* Верхнетуломский, currently transscribed as Verkhnetulomsky, should by transscribed as Verhnyetulomszkij.
* Кандалакша, currently transscribed as Kandalaksha, should be transscribed as Kandalaksa.

I missed Гусев, currently transscribed as Gusev, which should be transscribed as Guszev.
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18 Sep 2019 22:04

Added to the bugtracking system with ticket #20720. Thank you for your feedback! ;)
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19 Sep 2019 06:13

Thank you!

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01 Dec 2019 16:11

Fixed. The changes will applied in next ProMods release.
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