[Fixed] [#20942] [2.42] Unreachable Section of Grey Road in Kirkenes, Norway

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23 Oct 2019 23:17

As mentioned, there is a tiny section of grey road hidden behind the NS Oil Industry in Kirkenes.

It is impossible to drive to, as the Industry is surrounded by rocks. The road itself seems to stretch out of the rocks behind it, so it definitely is not supposed to be there.

Coordinates: 44810, -18, -109151

Explanatory Image: (Look at the Minimap)

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24 Oct 2019 22:33

Checking out this location, I don't think that old patch of road is visible with any regular game cameras (top-down, etc.), so I don't consider fixing that a priority. However, I also noticed a hole in the terrain at the same company prefab. I filed a bug for fixing that (#20815), so if that gets resolved, maybe the mappers working there will fix this as well.

Thank you for taking the time and writing this bug report topic. ;)
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13 Jan 2020 19:58

Fixed in WIP

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