[#20814] [2.42] Invisible Wall in Wrong Place in Ullapool, Scotland

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24 Oct 2019 13:35

A wall to mark the border of the Tesco industry in Ullapool seems to have been set too far inwards. There's a substantial gap between the invisible wall and the actual industry wall.

Coordinates: -49796.375000 / 71.619484 / -64970.718750

Explanatory Images: (Using g_colbox 1)

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24 Oct 2019 22:30

This issue has been added to our bug tracker as #20814.

Thank you for your report, but please make sure to add coordinates to your posts in the format exactly as generated by the game, and as described in the second post of this topic. The coordinates you posted in your message cannot be consumed by the game console. ;)
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