Delivery with double trailer in Utsjoki

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18 Nov 2019 03:16

I used my own double trailer to make a delivery to Statoil in Utsjoki.
When the delivery is completed, there is no space to park the double trailer and the truck and trailer gets damage continually.
I tried to use the service and my truck was moved to Ivalo, but the bug persisted.
Thank you.

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18 Nov 2019 04:11

@bobbygeneric1982, for the future please review How to report a bug. You always need to indicate the version of ProMods that you are using in the title of your report, you need to include coordinates of each location, and you should always provide a game.log. Images can help too.

I assume when you say "double trailer" you actually mean High Capacity Transport (HCT) trailers, which is actually different than standard double trailers. Both locations that you describe are already known to be a problem for HCT trailers (they are not a problem for standard double or B-double trailers).
  • Delivery spot too short for HCT trailers at NSOil company (StatOil if using the ProMods TCP) in Utsjoki, Finland (bug #20530)
  • Recovery service in Ivalo, Finland causes damage to HCT trailers (bug #20389)
There are a number of company locations in Finland which have a problem with HTC trailers, see the list here: unable to pick up loads.

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18 Nov 2019 20:25

Sorry for my mistakes. I will try to improve my bug reports.

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