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[#23340] [2.46] Svalbard - reverb sound effect in the whole area

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22 May 2020 23:59

Arriving at Svalbard, after driving off of a ferry in Longyearbyen, I have noticed that the reverb sound effect present inside the ferry don't go away
and it doesn't switch to normal outdoor sound anywhere around Svalbard. Also, it appeared that there was thunderstorm, I could hear thunder, but no rain was visible and no rain drops were falling on the windshield, just like if I was still inside the ferry.

Tested with new profile, with only Promods 2.46 and Middle-East addon loaded, set up starting garage in Longyearbyen, and it behaves the same.
Log from this test:

In short, everywhere around Svalbard, it sounds like you are driving inside the tunnel.

Is it possible, that the whole area is set up as "indoor" ? And because of that, it also can't rain here?
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23 May 2020 00:15

#23340 Thanks for your report.

And yes it seems like someone placed a NWA over whole svalbard, since there's no rain anywhere.
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